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Last Wednesday Fiction Book Club

Our fiction Book Club meets bi-monthly on the last Wednesday of the month. Our next get together will be on Wednesday October 25th at 6pm. The book for discussion will be The Secret She Keeps by Michael Robotham.

There is no charge to join the Book Club, but members are asked to purchase the Book Club book at a 10%discount from Books@Stones.

This is the story of two pregnant women from very different walks of life. Both are struggling with family problems. Each has a secret they are trying to keep, and each is desperate to prevent the truth from destroying their happiness.

Meg lives in a picture-perfect world of domestic bliss, wealth and privilege. She’s beautiful, talented, and has a handsome husband, two gorgeous children and a third bundle of joy on the way. She also runs a popular “mummy blog” where she writes endearingly funny stories about the trials of motherhood.

Meanwhile, Agatha has a job stacking shelves in a supermarket. She has a creepy boss, an estranged mother and a much younger ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy who is not overly pleased about becoming a father. She’s haunted by a troubled past but hopeful for a happy future. She’s also in the habit of watching Meg – admiring and envying her from afar.

When Meg and Agatha meet, their lives become entwined in ways both unexpected and dangerous. At the same time, the secrets they are trying so hard to keep hidden begin to unravel at an alarming rate…

The Secrets She Keeps is another absolute cracker from Michael Robotham, certain to please longtime fans and newcomers alike. This riveting standalone psychological thriller not only kept me on tenterhooks as I frantically turned pages, it also played merry havoc with my emotions. A deeply compelling and thoroughly addictive read!