Australian Crime

Our next get together is on Wednesday March 24th at 6pm. The book for discussion will be Consolation by Gary Disher.

Our Book Clubs are free to join, we just ask that you purchase the book from Books@Stones at a 10% discount.

Please call us on 3394 4949 or email for inquiries



    In Consolation, Tiverton’s only police officer Constable Paul Hirschhausen is dealing with a snowdropper. Someone is stealing women’s underwear, and Hirsch knows how that kind of crime can escalate. Then two calls come in: a teacher who thinks a child may be in danger at home. A father on the rampage over at the primary school. Hirsch knows how things like that can escalate, too. Families under pressure. Financial problems. But it’s always a surprise when the killing starts.